The three parts of every thought

There are three parts in every thought and judgment.

  1. Recognition. “This is a cup, this is a book, this is a car crash”. The first step comes from our animal nature. Our brain recognizes things automatically and sends us a signal. We don’t control this part.

I’ve sometimes found it discouraging to see myself automatically judging many things in a way I would never do “myself” rationally. Is this my “real self” doing it? I guess it is, in some way. It’s “myself” as the animal doing that. It’s “myself” as the kid that grew up in a modern society with the wrong principles doing it.

Don’t get discouraged. Understand that you are only in control of your rational self. Don’t worry about not having “the correct” animal nature, I assume nobody does. Make sure you make the right choices and give things the correct labels in Step number 3. Over time, you will also see your value-judgments change, and labeling things correctly will become more automatic.

Paint your soul with the color of your thoughts.

PS! I write a daily Stoic journal in Substack.

CEO of Wolf3D | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Virtual humans for virtual worlds.

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