And why that matters.

  1. Recognition. “This is a cup, this is a book, this is a car crash”. The first step comes from our animal nature. Our brain recognizes things automatically and sends us a signal. We don’t control this part.
  2. Automatic judgment. Our brain records the event and instantly gives it a judgment. Someone is screaming at you? Be scared, get aggressive, protect yourself. Run, attack. This is also part of our animal nature and partly under our control. We can change our judging mechanism here by having better value-judgments. Changing your behavior here…

Learn the timeless Stoic principles

This is my Marcus Aurelius tattoo

But what’s the right color?

It’s how we represent things, it’s how we perceive them.

The three parts of every action.

More than 30,000 people decided to make an avatar within the first month

Ready Player Me avatars

Aim for options with limited downside and unlimited upside.

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  1. High competition.
  2. Limited upside.

From three characters to personal 3D avatars

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“Mr. Watson, come here — I want to see you.”


Kids under 13 spend more time in Roblox than on Facebook, YouTube & Netflix combined

By Pexels

How to survive the startup roller-coaster

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Timmu Tõke

CEO of Wolf3D | Forbes 30 Under 30 | Virtual humans for virtual worlds.

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